Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck

We all have those moments in our writing career that just seem to anticlimactically end wadded up into a waste basket. There are times when writer’s block can appear worse than a mind-numbing lick of a frigid scoop of ice cream. To get past that awful road block you’re having, try some of the following:
1.) Free-Writing: Take 10 minutes and a blank piece of paper. There is only one rule: don’t stop. Begin a timer, and write for an entire 10 minute period; write about whatever is on your mind. Repeat the same word 20 times. Express your daily tasks or emotions. Get the garbage out of your brain and onto the paper. Perhaps, you’ll strike gold.
2.) Simple and Short: If you continually stare at a frighteningly white screen with no progress whatsoever, make your first sentence simple and short. Write something that is fact; don’t make it fancy. Simply write a point you’d like to make. Ideas will begin to flow after that, and if they don’t, you need a new first sentence!
3.) Stretch: The body and mind work as one. Much research has shown that when our physical needs are not met (aches and pains, food, sleep, etc.), then our minds are not ready for the day. So, take 5 minutes to stretch, do some jumping jacks, or simply close your eyes and gently roll your neck.
4.) Go Have Fun: If all else fails, then go and take a break! Connect with nature. Go for a run. Grab some friends for a game of golf or a day of baking with the ladies. Writing is an art that involves the moment. If we are unable to connect with the moment, our writing is never going to connect with us. Give it time, and don’t rush the beautiful things.


About ThoughtfulTutor

I am a junior Middle Childhood Education major at the University of Findlay. I am a writing tutor on campus, as well as an Etutor for the Ohio Etutoring Collaborative.
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